Cara Hotel Marketing

Cara sought a facelift for its hotel print marketing collateral and digital design. Eager to revamp diverse collateral, we embraced the opportunity. Our focus? Crafting compelling content for World of Hyatt Inclusive properties—luxury resorts with unique personalities and style guidelines.

Collaborating closely with the marketing team, our creative efforts spanned from magazine and digital banner ads to corporate and wedding brochures. An inspiring challenge was designing a wrap for a double-decker bus—a venture yielding exceptional results. After an office relocation, we extended our design prowess to create new window decals, adding sophistication to their workspace.

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about impactful designs resonating with Cara Hotel Marketing’s brand and catering to World of Hyatt’s Inclusive properties’ distinct needs. With a keen understanding, we’ve elevated hotel print marketing collateral and ventured into diverse mediums, showcasing adaptability and creativity. As Cara Hotel Marketing continues its impactful journey, we take pride in consistently delivering designs that captivate and communicate effectively.

With a partnership of over seven years, we’ve cultivated trust and collaboration with Cara Hotel Marketing. They now rely on us for all their graphics needs, a result of our unwavering commitment to impactful designs. These designs not only resonate with their brand but also fulfil the evolving requirements of their diverse projects. Over the years, our collaboration has grown stronger, and we take pride in being their go-to for all graphic design endeavours. This ensures each project reflects the excellence and creativity they’ve come to expect from our longstanding partnership.