Unwrap the Beauty Within with Our Luxurious Cosmetics Packaging Experience

Collaborating with the esteemed family business, De Vermalle, we undertook the task of refining their packaging and label design. For their 100% natural products, we envisioned and crafted simple yet elegant packaging. Embracing a clean aesthetic and employing natural tones, we instilled a luxurious feel to complement the essence of their offerings. Drawing inspiration from filigree styles of the past, our design subtly nods to tradition, merging timeless charm with contemporary allure.

Our creative journey extended to the prestigious Joveda line, despite its base-line status, these products gained immense popularity. Our mission was to breathe new life into the packaging and labels. 

To unify the product range under the De Vermalle umbrella, we employed a distinct line art treatment. The result? A stunning facelift that harmonized the entire product line, offering a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity.

At the heart of our collaboration lies the commitment to enhancing the visual narrative of De Vermalle’s offerings. With a focus on luxurious cosmetics packaging, our designs not only reflect the purity of their natural products but also elevate the brand to resonate with a sense of timeless sophistication. Every detail, from clean lines to natural tones, exudes a premium feel, ensuring that De Vermalle’s products stand out in the competitive landscape, leaving a lasting impression on discerning consumers.

De Vermalle