Ito Orio Group

A fairly recent client, Kai Ito came to us asking for help with her real estate design & collateral. Another valued client, Go Fish, referred her to us, impressed by our work for them, and suggested that Kai seek our assistance. But first, we needed to create a new logo! Kai, with Japanese heritage, desired her branding to reflect this cultural influence. A mixture of customised typography and an old family symbol brought her logo to life.

We used the logo as a basis to create the ongoing marketing collateral. As with many real estate agents, Kai has many houses on her books, and for each one, we needed to display the details professionally. Therefore we created a modern and fresh template that could be used to showcase all their properties. We’re currently in the process of producing a wonderful corporate presentation brochure! We’ll upload that for you to see once it’s completed.

Elevate your real estate design and collateral with our expertise. We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis, crafting a unique logo and brand identity. Through meticulous design exploration and collaborative sessions, we ensure that your brand conveys trust, professionalism, and uniqueness. Our personalized approach extends to developing collateral that complements your brand across various mediums. Moving from brochures to online materials, our emphasis lies on prioritizing consistency and innovation to rejuvenate your real estate image. This strategic focus resonates effectively with your target audience, enabling you to stand out prominently in a competitive market. Allow our dedicated team to elevate your real estate brand, leaving a lasting impression and fostering trust among potential clients.