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Branding, packaging and graphic design

Branding, packaging, graphic design and cider tasting, are among the few skills our team employed for Old Jollop cider. They produce truly fantastic cider, made in the heart of Somerset by hand by friends! Helping them way back when the apples where still in the trees and they were considering making their cider. As the name, Old Jollop, refers to the old Somerset word for medicine. The team used this as inspiration for the labels, creating something that resembles old medicine bottles!

A good starting point is with branding, and that’s what we did! Creating a strong stamp based logo, something that would transfer well between printing on labels to packaging, posters and any other forms of marketing collateral. As the guys grew bigger and expanded we’ve also developed a wonderful line of labels for their different ciders. Also helping with the odd bit of graphic design and posters for their cider events.

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