Crafting Beautiful Cider Packaging Design – Plus a Dash of Cider Tasting Excellence!

Our team showcased a diverse skill set encompassing branding, cider packaging design, graphic design, and even cider tasting for the exceptional Old Jollop cider. Situated in the heart of Somerset, this cider is meticulously handcrafted by a group of friends dedicated to producing truly fantastic beverages. Our journey with Old Jollop dates back to the time when the apples still adorned the trees, and the idea of crafting their cider was just taking root!

The name Old Jollop draws inspiration from the old Somerset word for medicine. Capitalizing on this unique connection, our team conceptualized labels that artfully resembled vintage medicine bottles, adding a distinct and memorable touch to the brand’s identity.

Our collaboration commenced with the foundational aspect of branding, where we crafted a robust stamp-based logo

 This versatile design not only translated seamlessly onto labels but also extended to cider packaging, posters, and various other marketing collateral. As Old Jollop continued to grow and expand its offerings, our team contributed to the development of a captivating line of labels for their diverse ciders. Additionally, we provided support with graphic design and created eye-catching posters for their cider events. The synergy between our team and Old Jollop reflects not only a commitment to visual appeal but also a deep understanding of the brand’s essence.

Each label, logo, and piece of collateral we produced played a vital role in shaping the narrative of Old Jollop. We aimed to ensure that the visual representation accurately mirrored the quality and craftsmanship of the exceptional cider.

Our journey with Old Jollop is a testament to the power of creative collaboration. And the ability of design to elevate and enhance a brand’s presence in the market.

Old Jollop