Top Gear

Embarking on an exciting three-year venture with Red Giant, we delved into the creation of “The Big Book of Top Gear.” This collaboration allowed us to intricately craft the book design, infusing each page with the perfect blend of humour and creativity, a process made joyous by working closely with the dynamic TV team.

The collaborative effort unfolded as an intricate yet enjoyable process, underscoring our expertise in this specialized field of graphic design. We meticulously curated content to encapsulate the unique brand of wit and charm that defines Top Gear. The result? A Christmas bestseller that resonated not only with fans but also stood as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between our team and the vibrant world of Top Gear. The journey mirrored the thrilling adventures chronicled within the book’s pages, and we take pride in our contribution to the success of this spirited book design project.

From brainstorming sessions to refinements, every step of the process aimed to encapsulate the spirit of Top Gear. Our goal was to create not just a book but an immersive experience for readers, capturing the essence of the show’s humour and excitement through thoughtful book design. The meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the seamless collaboration between our book design team and Top Gear’s dynamic world, significantly contributed to the creation of a book that transcends the ordinary.

In the end, “The Big Book of Top Gear” became more than just a compilation of stories and visuals. It became a celebration of the show’s legacy and a testament to the creative synergy between our book design team and the iconic world of Top Gear. As we reflect on this exhilarating journey, we’re reminded of the joy that comes from seamlessly blending creativity, humour, and the spirit of adventure in book design.